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"Singing and dancing towards a better world..."


Spacekidetz was developed by music educator Cameron Armstrong and composer Barry Sebastian with the goal of making kid-centered content that sonically connects to the sounds of the cultural moment. Spacekidetz was born to provide kids with musically complex songs that they can sing along to and characters and storylines that ignite their imaginations. Each story and video ends with main characters Blerk and Bloop singing and dancing toward a better world. 


As an elementary school music educator Armstrong (Mr. C) was tired of the severely outdated elementary school musical repertoire. Classroom engagement was falling and students felt disconnected from the folk songs of 100 years ago.  Students desperately wanted to listen to pop music in the classroom, but it was often not age (or musically) appropriate. Spacekidetz provided musically appropriate and age appropriate content to Mr. C's classroom and increased engagement to100%. Students sung, danced, became immersed in the storylines, and embraced their creative selves. Armstrong was stunned by the transformative impact of Spacekidetz on student engagement and quickly knew the project had be shared beyond his school. 

Armstrong and Sebastian ultimately began creating music and videos for streaming in order to reach a broader audience. With 11,000 steams and counting Spacekidetz is connecting with kids, families, and adults around the globe. 

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