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'Original pop music, 3D animation, and storytelling for all ages!'

New videos every 2 weeks on our official SpaceKidetz Youtube Channel!

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Season 1


Blerk and Bloop find themselves on a farm where they meet some cows and things get wild! 

Penguins Like to Party

Blerk and Bloop find themselves on a floating iceberg with new penguin friends and do their best to help the penguins fulfill their biggest dream. 

Freeze Dance

Blerk and Bloop use their powerful dancing skills to save a penguin and polar bear from overheating on a  tropical island. 

Big Dogs and Little Dogs

In a new adventure, Blerk and Bloop find out why the big dogs and little dogs were hanging out together!

Dillo at the Skatepark

Blerk and Bloop head to the skatepark to find the legendary skateboarding Armadillo. In the process they lean some new tricks. 

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